Icing on the Cake

I am pretty delayed in posting this but here is my Spring Fever Vox Box!!

I love getting Influenster boxes because not only do I get to try out things I usually wouldn’t, the trial sizes are huge and completely FREE!

In this vox box, I was given

-imPress Broadway Nails Press on Manicure in a black lacy design. I unfortunately haven’t been able to test these out yet because I can’t have anything on my nails due to both my job as a server, and my job as  a pastry chef. No one wants finger nail chippings in their food. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to try these though as I’m a sucker for lace and the design is really pretty. Perhaps saving them for winter.

Overall Grade: N/A

-Secret Deodorant Outlast Clear Gel. I have always been a fan of Secret deodorant and I usually go back and forth between them and dove depending on what kind of promotions/discounts I can get at a certain time. While I do like that this is clear, I don’t particularly like how the gel feels. If feels sort of sticky when you first put it on and I feel like I can’t put my arms down until it drys a bit. It also doesn’t quite smell as fresh because of the gelly-ness (boom, new word). I think it does a good job of keeping pit stains and funkiness at bay.

Overall Grade: B+

Schwarzkoph Professionals Osis Geltastic. I am not a huge hair gel girl. My hair is really limp and doesn’t hold a lot of volume so any sort of gel seems to just weigh it down even more. I don’t think I will get a lot of use out of this because of it. I have been using it as a sort of texturizer on my ends though. After I blow out my hair, a put a little bit of this on my finger tips and rub it on the ends of my hair to make it look a little piecier (another new word?) It holds up like this all day which is great and doesn’t smell too chemically. I would like to try some of the other products in this line. Perhaps a volumizer or dry shampoo.

Overall Grade: B

Tasty Kake Kandy Bar Kakes- S’mores. Obviously I have a huge sweet tooth and was excited to see this in my box not only because S’MORES, DUH, but because I remember eating Tasty Kake krumpets as a kid and LOVING them. This was pretty good for your store bought junk food sweet needs. I liked the s’mores flavor but the cake tasted sort of stale and dry to me. Since I make desserts for a living, I’m also a really harsh critic and these are snack cakes, perfect for lazy evenings when you want to binge. 

Overall Grade: B-

NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm. I really, really  like this product. I’m not really a lipstick girl because I don’t typically wear that much makeup or anything too bold. I am most definitely a lip balm person because homegirl likes to lick her lips for some reason while shes baking and ALWAYS has chapped lips. This is a nice mashup of the two. It is nice and silky but has a nice pop of color with it. Perfect for day time. My only complaint is that it isn’t as moisturizing as my other balms. I feel like it dries out pretty fast and I have to frequently reapply. 

Overall Grade: A

I recieved all products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. 

I still have some invites to join influenster if you are interested in getting cool free stuff! Message me for details.

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