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come together royals | the beatles + lorde 

I dig it.

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City Dog. #chicago #dogsofinstagram #vscocam (at Diversey Harbor)

City Dog. #chicago #dogsofinstagram #vscocam (at Diversey Harbor)

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My dog just put himself in time out.

Since he knows that chewing the chair is OMGVERYBAD he took it upon himself to punish himself, by laying down in the dark bathroom, to get me to stop yelling at him. For 10 MINUTES. 

(FYI, Dagger does not have a designated “time out” spot. This was all in his choosing)

Also, THANK YOU! Because your positive happy thoughts and finger crossing worked!! Still have to stay sort of quiet about it since there is still one important hurdle to jump, but just know I’m SUPER EXCITED and will have SUPER EXCITING news for you shortly!

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Damn it, the things you do to me exposed brick.

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This is not a drill!

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TONY WARD Couture 2015


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I had Chipotle yesterday

Does this make me a hipster?

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The (not-so) rare kissing monster! #daggerdog #dogsofinstagram

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All. The. Sushi. #sushi #chicago  (at Kyoto Sushi)

All. The. Sushi. #sushi #chicago (at Kyoto Sushi)

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#mostaccurate #lovemyjob @darthreznik @cat_peters @youraveragenerd



#mostaccurate #lovemyjob @darthreznik @cat_peters @youraveragenerd


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I just dropped my venti iced coffee

And it exploded everywhere.

Damn it Tuesday!

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S’more Cake Cake Cake. Contribution to Labor Day Celebrations. #cake #smores #labordayweekend

S’more Cake Cake Cake. Contribution to Labor Day Celebrations. #cake #smores #labordayweekend

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Your (Infrequent) Update

We’ve already established that I am a terrible blogger (can I even call my self that?) yet tumblr is still one of my favorite things to do everyday. You all make me laugh and think and smile. I have unfortunately been stuck in a rut of feeling like I have nothing to share except for pictures of my dog. But he is a really cute dog. 

So here is a random list of things that have been going on.

  • I’ve been spending way too much money. Like one second I thought I was doing alright and then all of a sudden I’m back to scrounging for pennies for this months rent. I blame the few visitors Nick and I have had this summer and going out and doing fun things with them. Oh, and my addiction to take out. Damnit.
  • Business wise, I have taking a small break from my catering gig this summer to work on something bigger. This is pretty much all I can say about it now. I wanted to spill huge news a while back but vowed to hold it in until everything was settled. Unfortunately it’s been a lot of few steps forward few steps back for the last few months so I’m still not at the sharing part yet. But send happy juju or whatever so that this can all come together soon! #vague
  • I finagled my way out of work Friday and Saturday and am heading up to my uncle’s lake house in Michigan for sun, boats, swimming, reading, and sleeping. (and wine).
  • Speaking of reading, I’ve been reading The Goldfinch. You guys, I really can’t get into it. Am I missing something? I’m giving it one more chance this weekend otherwise I’m moving on. 
  • Dagger dog has gone through a couple changes. One good, one bad. The good: he has turned into an even bigger snuggle monster than usual. On the chair, the couch, or the bed, he’s always got himself draped over me or Nick somehow and it’s adorable. The bad: dude has developed an aggression problem outside of dogs he knows. Homeboy used to love meeting new dogs. Now, he has the same enthusiasm approaching new dogs but once they start sniffing each other, he starts growling and has gotten nippy (never biting) a few times. This is both embarrassing and annoying to me because I thought we did such a good job with him as a puppy socializing him. Our trainer from obedience school said this is actually pretty normal and a lot of dogs change behavior like this after they turn a year old. She has a seminar coming up on dog aggression in a few weeks so we’re gonna go to that and see what we can do to help our sweet boy not come off as such an ass.
  • I’ve been much more consistent with my yoga practice this summer, cause duh, the beach is where it’s at. I can feel the improvement and even got a shout out in class for my good form and alignment in crow pose.
  • SYTYCD tonight. I don’t really know who I want to win. I do know my inner 7 year old wishes I had chosen dance over swimming given a redo. 
  • This is the longest post about nothing and I apologize and I hope it holds you over until the next long post about nothing even though I’m going to swear to try harder again. #runonsentences
  • Here’s some gifs for your time.

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Cause little mister would be super pissed if he knew I didn’t pay tribute to him on #nationaldogday #daggerdog

Cause little mister would be super pissed if he knew I didn’t pay tribute to him on #nationaldogday #daggerdog

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